Young People

Activities for ages 7-25 

There are lots of things for young people to do at QUAD, including films, clubs, workshops, gallery and much more.

KidsQUAD 7-11 years

Creative arts activities for children aged 7 – 11 years: a range of film making, animation, photography and other art workshops led by one of our professional artists and supported by an experienced support worker.


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7 - 11 years


DigisQUAD 12-16 years

Digital arts activities for young people aged 12-16 years: a range of skills-based, creative digital projects using industry standard software, all led by one of our professional digital artists.

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12 - 16 years

Young Creatives 14-19 years

QUAD’s Young Creatives is a group of young people (aged 14-19) who delve into QUAD’s exhibition themes and create their own artwork with fresh interpretations and visions.

The programme is managed by our Education Curator, Sandra Greatorex. Individual projects are managed by our part-time Youth Forum Coordinator, Jasmine Bertie. 

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QUAD Future 14-25 years

QUAD Future is our group of young producers, curators and decision makers, aged 14-25

They work with members of staff and artists to understand and feedback on areas of QUAD’s programme from a young person’s perspective

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Youth Review 16-25 years

QUAD’s Youth Review is a group of 16-25 year olds who are passionate about film and culture. If you’re interested in reviewing film, music, theatre and art, both at QUAD and across the city, then get in touch at: youthreview@derbyquad.co.uk and come join us.  Meetings take place every few weeks and are free!

If you'd like to join the Youth Review mailing list please click here.

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Cost  Free

To join or find out more by calling 01332 285425 or email youthreview@derbyquad.co.uk