History Of Crime Cinema with Christina Newland

Thursday 02 November 2017 to Thursday 07 December 2017

History Of Crime Cinema with Christina Newland

Thursdays, 2nd November – 7th December, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

From the Yakuza to the Cosa Nostra, corrupt cops to bank heist bandits, this 6-week trip through world cinema will trace the history of the crime film. It will touch on French, British, and Japanese cinema along the way, investigating each society's unique relationship to crime, law & order, and the gun-toting anti-hero.

We'll be tracing the public fascination with onscreen tough guys from the earliest days of cinema - and covering everyone from Jean-Pierre Melville to Michael Mann.

Course Fees: £40, £30 concessions & QUAD Members
(Course fee includes free entry to The Hitch-Hiker on Tuesday 21st November)


  • Thursday, November 02, 2017Book19:00